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Have you ever thought about the incredible story of the talented teenage actress Storm Reid and the pivotal role that her parents contributed in the success of her? In this investigation we will shed some more light on how the parents of Storm Reid have played an important role in helping and guiding their daughter’s climb to stardom.

Together, they’ve mastered the world of entertainment and led to Storm’s unforgettable performance in well-known productions like “12 Years A Slave” and her standout performance in “Euphoria.” Storm Reid’s story is testament to the dedication and cooperation of her family members, who have been her source of determination throughout her extraordinary career.

Their constant support has enabled Storm to not just pursue her love of acting, but also to excel in the field and make her a top talent in the world of entertainment. We invite you to dive into the life of the rising star and the familial bonds that led her to greatness.

Who Is Storm Reid?

Storm Reid, the American popular teen star is born on the 1st 2003 in Atlanta City, Georgia with parents who were dedicated, Robyn Simpson Reid and Rodney Reid, who cherish their daughter, who is the youngest of them.

The journey of Storm into the realm of acting was initiated at a young age when she was offered the role in the movie “12 Years a Slave.” Interestingly her talent was evident even before the age of nine because of the constant support and the encouragement of the parents of her. Their faith in her potential led her on a path to become an actor for children.

Storm Reid’s parents have remained steadfast in their loyalty even when she paused her profession to study in the University of California. The unwavering support that Storm Reid’s parents have given her since her beginnings in the Hollywood fast-paced industry has allowed Storm Reid to achieve a dream that most teenagers would to dream of.

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How Storm Reid’s Parents Supported Her?

storm reid

The parents of Storm Reid, Rodyn Reid and Rodney Reid are cognizant of their daughter’s love for acting from a young age. Storm was a talented 19-year-old actress, received a lot of encouragement in the family she was raised in. In 2004, a year after Storm’s enlightened entrance into Hollywood the mother of her daughter Robyn Simpson Reid directed an untitled short film entitled “Poultry and Prejudice.”

Although Storm’s father, Rodney Reid, isn’t involved in the entertainment industry, Robyn Simpson Reid holds the position of the executive director. She is often seen accompanying the young actor to premieres of films and events for shows, offering an insight into the wide realm of acting. It’s a safe bet Storm’s exposure to the field by her mum played an important part in the development of her acting career.

In a recent Teen Vogue article, Storm Reid declared her joy in being proud of her parents. She highlighted the confidence and support that she got from them, and this certainly manifested in her captivating performance on TV screens. Storm’s parents always remained supportive not controlling or abrasive As she said, “My mom has always stated that if I didn’t wish to be doing it acting anymore, then I could simply go home, but I’ve never ever thought of quitting. It seems like everyone has that perspective.

” Furthermore her parents also have helped her realize her talent, and they put their faith in her pursuit of a career that was transformational by making sure that she completed her undergraduate studies at a respected university.

Achievements of Storm Reid

Storm Reid’s remarkable talent and unwavering commitment to her work are not going unnoticed in the world of entertainment. Her extraordinary performance has earned her much-deserved praise and recognition. In particular, in 2018, her remarkable performance in “A Wrinkle in Time” resulted in her being nominated in”The Teen Choice Award in the Choice Fantasy Movie Actress category.

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Additionally, in 2019, she won the highly coveted Rising Star Awards at the Americans Black Film Festival, further confirming her status as an emerging star to keep an eye on.

Storm Reid: Personal Life

Despite the impact Storm Reid has had on Hollywood However, she is focused and committed to personal development. She is very proud of her relationships with family members and family members, despite her busy schedule. Reid’s charismatic personality and optimistic outlook has attracted her to admirers and colleagues and has made her a beloved celebrity in the field.

Storm Reid’s Facts

What are Storm Reid renowned for? Storm Reid is celebrated for her role on screen as Gia in “Euphoria” and Riley in “The Last of Us.”

As a matter of her field of work, Storm Reid is a multifaceted talent. She’s not only an Emmy-nominated actress, but also a producer and college student studying at USC. With a host of awards to her name, Storm Reid stands as one of the most desired young actresses in Hollywood.

In the universe of “Euphoria,” Gia is depicted as Rue’s younger sister, who is known for her unwavering support and adoring character. Despite Rue’s ongoing struggle to overcome addiction Gia is awed by Rue with admiration.

Prior to her romance to Shedeur, Storm Reid was in a long-term relationship the actor Sayeed Shahidi, who happens to be the younger brother of the famous “Grown-ish” actress Yara Shahidi. The two were high school sweethearts, and shared many homecoming dances and proms together. There are rumors that suggest they broke up in 2022.

Storm Reid once shared a interesting story regarding her very first love. She revealed the fact that she was in a relationship with twins who were identical at just eighteen years old. Sure, Storm Reid is currently in an affair with Shedeur Sanders who is a soccer player at The University of Colorado.

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Reid’s Social Media Accounts

Storm Reid is highly active on different social networks. She has an authentic Instagram account with a huge following of more than 2.5 millions users. Furthermore their verified Facebook account boasts more than 300,000 followers while her twitter account which is also verified, boasts more than 185,000 followers.

In these sites, Storm Reid shares a wide range of information, including news on her latest work, upcoming projects, behind the scenes glimpses of photo shoots and guest appearances, facets of her life and much more.

Final Thoughts

Storm Reid’s story in the field of entertainment has been amazing. Beginning her career as a child and securing key role, the actress has impressed viewers with her incredible charisma and talent. In the steadfast backing of her parents and fuelled by her unwavering devotion to her work ethic, Reid has convincingly demonstrated that age doesn’t matter in achieving amazing feats.


  1. How old is Storm Reid?
  2. Storm Reid was born on July 1st, 2003, which makes her 19 years old.
  3. What are some of Storm Reid’s most notable accomplishments?
  4. Her notable accomplishments include her role as the lead in “A Wrinkle in Time” and her award of her the Rising Star Award at the American Black Film Festival.
  5. Who are Storm Reid’s parents?
  6. The mother of Storm Reid is Robyn Simpson who has been actively involved in managing Reid’s professional career.
  7. Where can I find out more details regarding Storm Reid?
  8. Find out more regarding Storm Reid on her official website and explore her biographical information, filmography as well as the most recent information.
  9. What other projects have Storm Reid been a part of?
  10. Alongside her part in “A Wrinkle in Time,” Storm Reid has been involved in several other projects, and continues to leave her mark in the world of entertainment.

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